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The Sewing Academy–Historic Moments patterns have been a favorite historic resource for families and professional sewists since 2000.

With detailed illustrated instruction books, multiple style and construction techniques taken from primary historic sources, and multi-sized options in every printed-on-sturdy-paper pattern packet, our patterns for infants and children are a one-time purchase with years of utility and creativity!

Our select line of book titles help you translate original pieces and primary source material into functional, historically-accurate projects to enhance your living history endeavors.

Yes, You May

  • Make loads of great wardrobe items for your family.
  • Donate or sell your family’s outgrown items.
  • Make items for school group or museum “dress-up” and docent use.
  • Contact us for information on using our patterns for historic preservation, interpretive, or educational fundraising.

Please Do Not

  • Use our patterns beyond their licensing: our patterns are licensed for home and personal non-commercial use only. Items made from our patterns are not licensed for retail or wholesale sales, in person or on-line.
  • If you are a sewist, and wish to use our patterns with your client families, please contact us regarding special licensing consideration.

Our Books

Fanciful Utility

Anna Worden Bauersmith

With full-size templates and illustrated instructions for  over 68 Victorian sewing accessories and variations, Fanciful Utility will be indispensable for for any sewing enthusiast!

You’ll use scraps and remnants of gorgeous silks, cottons, and wools, plus some easy-to-learn construction techniques direct from the Victorian Era. Or, combine the historic techniques with completely modern embellishment (such as fabric painting, or machine embroidery) to create a thoroughly new style of heirloom for use in modern settings.

From the most humble of needle-books, to splendidly embellished and outfitted all-in-one cases, your finished accessories are as delightful as they are useful. No more “storing” needles in the arm of the couch!
$30 Add to Cart

The Dressmaker’s Guide

Elizabeth Stewart Clark

Expanded and revised, the new Dressmaker’s Guide weighs in at 300 illustrated pages of the most up-to-date research, detailed historic techniques, step-by-step projects, and the help you need to meet your Living History goals!

New undergarment variations, a complete chapter on corsetry, and even more information on stretching your custom-draped pattern to new styles for every occasion.  Encompassing the entire mid-century, 1840 to 1865, The Dressmaker’s Guide is a must-have on your work-room  shelf!
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Download a Free Dressmaker’s Guide Index


Historic Fashion Study Cards

Elizabeth Stewart Clark

What can we learn from original images? These study card sets contain 12 original historic images, with Elizabeth Stewart Clark’s clothing notes on the reverse. Ideal for helping train your eye to “read” photos for the details that make your own historic clothing projects both unique, and accurate! These images focus on a variety of conservatively “middle class” and better working-class looks. Previously available only in Sewing Academy Workshops!
$10 Add Hoop Era Women Study Cards, Set 1 to Cart

$10 Add Hoop Era Children Study Cards, Set 1 to Cart

$10 Add 1840s-1850s Women Study Cards, Set 1 to Cart

$10 Add 1840s-1850s Child Study Cards, Set 1 to Cart

Great Auntie Maude’s Favorite Cloth Dolls

Great Auntie Maude’s Cloth Lady Doll

Full-sized pattern pieces for a 15″ cloth lady doll plus her entire mid-19th century wardrobe make this pattern a great addition to your living history interpretive set, or for any doll enthusiast.

From everyday clothing to fashionable variations, undergarments to outerwear, Great Auntie Maude’s doll can be adapted for all-ages play, clothing demonstrations, or lovely displays.

Pattern includes full-size pieces and illustrated instructions for chemises, corsets, drawers, several petticoat variations, multiple dress styles (with mix-and-match features), night clothing, wrapper, paletot, winter hood, a valise, and even bedding projects.
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For Birth to Two Years

SA-100: Infant Linens

Dress your littlest in historically-accurate layers from the  skin out!

Includes patterns and illustrated instructions for Cloth Napkins and Pilchers; Shirts & Chemises; “Flannels” (Under-dresses); Infant Stays; and Petticoat variations. All told, you’ll choose among over 16 styles, plus variations, to suit your impression needs!

Instructions for period machine and handwork included.

$20 Add to Cart

SA-105: Infant Gowns

One pattern, over 40 style combinations for your infant boy or girl, birth to 2 years.

Includes patterns and illustrated instructions to mix and match Natural Waist, Yoked, and “Infant” style bodices; High or Half-High necklines; Two Waistband Options;  Multiple Long & Short Sleeves; Customized Skirts.

We’ve also included historically-accurate, growth friendly techniques to lessen your sewing burden during these first precious years.

$20 Add to Cart

SA-110: Infant Outerwear

Keep Baby warm & cozy with hoods, coats, and shoes, sized birth to 2 years.

Includes patterns & illustrated instructions for Quilted Hoods; Scalloped or Plain Coats; Cloth Indoor Shoes; and a Warm Wool Shawl.

No need to skip cool-weather events. Now the whole family can stay safe and comfortable, in historic style.

$20 Add to Cart

For Boys Two to Five Years

SA-220: Small Boys’ Wardrobe

Sure, they’d prefer to be naked, but modesty requires we clothe their little bodies!

Ideal for boys ages 2 to 5 or 6; patterns & illustrated instructions for Boy’s Frocks (pre-training); Boy’s Tunics (post-training); Two Styles Trousers; Underwaist & Drawers.

Select a sleeve style, add some trim, and your little boy will be accurately clothed and ready to play.

$20 Add to Cart

For Girls Two to Teen

SA-200: Girls’ Linens

Start with an accurate base for an accurate finish: one pattern includes all sizes, for girls ages 2 to 12-14. Easy-fitting styles provide maximum wearing times without compromising historic accuracy.

Includes patterns and illustrated instructions for Chemises with 3 Sleeve Options; Drawers with 2 Waistband Options; Light Corded Stays; and multiple Petticoat Variations! Choose plain or embellished versions to suit any impression, working class to leisure class!

$20 Add to Cart

SA-250: Girls’ Dresses

One pattern, nearly 60 different dress combinations included for girls ages 2 to 12-14.

Includes patterns and illustrated instructions for Natural Waist, Yoked, and “Infant” style bodices; Two Necklines; Five Sleeves, Long & Short; Two Waistband Options; and
Customized Skirts.

Includes many historic techniques to extend the wearing time of each dress. Learn to make one dress span three years!

$20 Add to Cart

Please visit the Compendium for free girl’s projects, including pinafores, sunbonnets, shawls, and paperdoll and coloring art for rainy days at home!

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